The 12 hottest funds on Barclays' investment platform

UK focused funds endured continued unpopularity in January, according to trading data from Barclays Smart Investor.

But the investment platform found strong interest in technology focussed funds –as well as products across the Asian, American and Global sectors – during the period.

Take a look at the service's 12 top most traded funds in the last month, as well as their three year performance and assets under management as of 31 January.

12. LF Lindsell Train UK Equity Acc

AUM: £5.6 billion

11. Fidelity Gbl Tech W GBP

 AUM: £3.1 billion

10. Polar Capital Gbl Tech I GBP

AUM: £2 billion

9. Fidelity Asia W Acc

AUM: £2.8 billion

8. Legg Mason IF Japan Equity X

AUM: £917.2 million

7. AXA Framlington Gbl Tech Z Acc

AUM: £562.6 million


6. Barclays Wealth Gbl Mkts 5 R Acc

AUM: £9.2 million

5. Barclays Wealth Gbl Mkts 4 R Acc

AUM: £19.3 million

4. Jupiter European I Acc

AUM: £5.3 billion

3. Barclays Wealth Gbl Mkts 3 R A

AUM: £37.4 million

2. Lindsell Train Global Equity B GBP

AUM: £5.7 billion

1. Fundsmith Equity I Acc

AUM: £16.6 billion