The 10 top brands in European fund management

When it comes to brand power in the world of fund management, it seems that size isn't everything.

Corporate service provider Broadridge Financials Solutions' annual Fund Brand 50 report found that several smaller asset managers are punching well above their weight classes when it comes to recognition among fund selectors

For the study, 900 fund selectors managing around €3 trillion in ten European markets were asked to name their top three suppliers based on 10 factors such as appealing investment strategy, client-orientated thinking, innovation and solidity. 

The results were used to rank firms according to these and other preferences.

Broadridge managing director Diana Mackay said: 'This year’s brand rankings prove, more than ever before, that brand success is not simply about scale, price and performance.

'Active managers now need to work harder to develop propositions and personalities that fund buyers and their clients will see as authentic and want to connect with.

'Those groups that are in the lead and rising fast have all taken this extra step to connect.'

Read on to view the top 10 most attractive fund house names...


10. Amundi

Change in rank: +2

AUM (31 Dec 2018): €1.4 trillion (£1.2 trillion)

9. Invesco

Change in rank: -1

AU (28 February 2019): $945.7 billion (£809.8 billion)

8. DWS 

Change in rank: -1

AUM (31 March 2018): €676 billion 

7. Robeco

Change in rank: +2

AUM (Dec 2018): €162 billion

6. Schroders

Change in rank: -1

AUM (30 June): £389.3 billion

5. M&G Investments

Change in rank: +1

AUM (30 June 2018): £285.8 billion 

4. Pictet AM

Change in rank: no change

AUM (31 Dec 2018): $174 billion 

3. Fidelity

Change in rank: no change

AUM (31 March 2018): $2.5 trillion

2. JP Morgan AM

Change in rank: no change

AUM (30 Sept 2018): $1.7 trillion

1. BlackRock

Change in rank: no change

AUM (31 Dec 2018): $6 trillion