The 10 best paid FTSE 100 bosses

The High Pay Centre has released its study into FTSE 100 CEO 2017 earnings, which revealed a 23% increase in the mean pay for blue chip bosses from £4.6 million to £5.7 million. 

The highest paid CEO earned a massive £47.1 million, which was more than 20 times his 2016 pay. 

The mean pay ratio between FTSE 100 CEOs and that of their employees is 145:1, which is higher than last year (128:1 in 2016, 146:1 in 2015).

However, despite the best efforts to increase female representation at blue chip companies, the average pay of the seven women FTSE bosses was well below that of their male counterparts. 

We highlight the 10 biggest earners from the High Pay Centre study. 

10. Bob Dudley: BP

Pay: £10.5 million 


9. Nicandro Durante: British American Tobacco

Pay: £11.4 million 

8. André Lacroix: Intertek

Pay: £11.6 million 

7. Rakesh Kapoor: Reckitt Benckiser

Pay: £12.4 million 

6. Dimitris Lois (pictured - died 2 Oct 2017) and Zoran Bogdanovic (from Dec 2017) Coca-Cola HBC AG

Pay: £13.7 million 

5. Martin Sorrell: WPP 

Pay: £13.9 million

4. Jeremy Darroch: Sky

Pay: £16.3 million 



3. Rob Perrins: Berkeley Group

Pay: £27.9 million 


2. Simon Peckham: Melrose Industries

Pay: £42.7 million 

1. Jeff Fairburn: Persimmon

Pay: £47.1 million