Regional stars: 10 of our best Scottish wealth profiles - part 2

In almost a decade of profiling wealth managers - from stand-out practitioners, to executives at national and international firms, to those at the forefront of tech and entrepreneurship, and all stops in between - we have crossed and re-crossed all the major regions of the UK.

Here we present the second part of our selection of stand out stars in Scotland

Harry Morgan, Thomas Miller

Already a veteran with a series of the UK’s most famous investment houses on his CV by the time we caught up with him in 2013 Morgan had recently joined the Adams outflow when we spoke, in his case joining Thomas Miller. Another two stops down the line, he now works at Tilney. 

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Hector Kilpatrick, Cornelian

Amid some sharp-elbowed jostling for market share in Scotland in 2013, we noted something ‘quieter, but nonetheless ambitious’ was underway at Cornelian, as we interviewed CIO Hector Kilpatrick. Last year the firm achieved ahead of schedule a five-year plan to double assets to +£1 billion

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David Ridland and David MacNeil, Castlebay

For obvious reasons much of our attention in Scotland has been focused on Edinburgh. Representing the west coast were the two Barclays-alumni, who opted to strike out alone in 2013, as the bank geared up to brush off its sub-£500,000 client accounts into a ‘lighter touch’ division

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Tim Wishart, Psigma

Recruited in early 2014 from Rathbones to launch an Edinburgh office for Psigma, as that September’s unexpectedly close independence referendum approached he found himself contemplating the prospect of running the company’s first overseas division. While that bullet was dodged he says that whatever happens he was in Scotland for the long haul

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Haig Bathgate & Alex Montgomery, Tcam

We checked in with two of Scotland’s most thoughtful wealth managers in 2015 shortly after they bought out their business – and its £1 billion in client assets - from former parent company Turcan Connell, with some financial assistance from Crispin Odey.

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Andrew Herberts, Thomas Miller

Another Adams graduate, as a former officer in the Scottish Borderers, Herberts is about as Caledonian as they come. The Edinburgh-based head of TMI’s private client investment division explained

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John Brett, Anderson Strathern  

We revisited Anderson Strathern last year to meet new boss John Brett, who took an unconventional left turn from a career spent in global fund distribution to join the wealth manager. He made clear his move from Aberdeen in no way signalling a step down in his ambitions, however 

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Angus Kerr, Rathbones

Tapped up from rival Brewin Dolphin, Kerr was recruited by Rathbones in 2015 to fill a Glasgow-shaped ‘hole’ in its regional map, following a rapid expansion across north east England. We met him two years later when he reflected on a ‘challenging period’ which he says was still the ‘right move’.

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Vicky Drysdale, Brewin Dolphin

‘A lot happened before I got here’ says the head of Brewin’s Glasgow branch, interviewed in 2017, just over 12 months after her recruitment to fill the hole left by the departure of Angus Kerr, and 14 other departing colleagues (see previous slide).

Something has obviously gone right since, however with the business coming from that unpromising start to win five Citywire regional awards last year.

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Duncan Gourlay, Weatherbys

Another Adams & Co alumni, by way of Barclays, Gourlay agreed to take on the launch of an Edinburgh outpost for the formerly England-only private bank in 2013. He explains how his legal and accounting contact books helped him get the venture off the ground.

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