Date office opened: 2005

Number in team: 17

Clients: 3000+

Assets under management: £3bn

Average portfolio size: £850k

Top three fund picks:

Fundsmith Equity

Ashmore EM Frontier Equity

RobecoSAM Smart Materials

Q&A with Mark Bousfield, group managing director - Ravenscroft and head of investment management - Ravenscroft Investment Management:

What is your typical client demographic?

We have a wide and varied client base; from private clients who are just beginning their investment journey to experienced institutional investors – and all walks in between.

What differentiates your region?

As a Crown Dependency we are a safe place for our clients to put their investments; for many it provides a level of comfort being geographically close to these investments. 

We recently acquired an island-based precious metals business, Bullion Rock, enabling clients to hold physical investments. So again the location and security of the islands is a major benefit to our clients.

What challenges are facing your area?

The Channel Islands are facing the same challenges as most other jurisdictions which specialise in offering financial services – increased regulation. On top of this, client expectations are changing; the Amazon generation expect faster, always-on services.

Ravenscroft recently became the first company in the world to introduce a cutting edge client screening solution (RiskScreen Onsite Batch), which was developed in the Channel Islands, and allows us to speed up our processes, improve reporting and exceed current legislation requirements. 

What’s a typical regional saying?

À la perchoine, or à la préchaine (depending if you’re in Guernsey or Jersey) means 'until next time'. 

What’s the best thing about living in your area?

The Channel Islands are a fantastic place to raise a young family. There is a real sense of community and a feeling of safety you’d be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

You are never more than 10 minutes from the sea! In fact, you are never more than half an hour from anywhere really – not having to commute for hours each day is definitely a plus! Not only is this a luxury, but it is also a factor we believe is beneficial to our clients, as we can devote more time to ensuring Ravenscroft delivers an unparalleled level of service.

What is your office motto?                                                                     

'Sticking to our knitting' – to remind us not to give into temptation to invest outside the bounds of our vigorous (tried and tested) investment process even during times where our investment style falls out of favour with the market.

Bullish or bearish?

As bottom-up, fundamentally-driven investors, valuations form a large part of our investment process. Given the current environment and the generally elevated prices of both bonds and equities, we have gradually been increasing the defensiveness of our portfolios.