Date office opened: 2002

Assets under management: £545 million

Number in team: 14

Office clients: 1046

Average portfolio size: £520k

Top three fund picks:

Jupiter European

First State Asia Pacific

RIT Capital

Q&A with Andrew Aitken, head of Yorkshire office, JM Finn, Leeds:

What is your typical client demographic?

We have a wide range of clients, including successful families, charities and trusts. The common thread is that they all want direct access to their investment manager.

What differentiates your region?

We are a large geographical area made of many separate communities, each with their own unique identity. More than other regions, I think this creates a diverse mix of entrepreneurial businesses and also challenges us when working with clients from across the region. However, we are fortunate at JM Finn to have a fantastic IT team allowing our investment managers to work from anywhere.

What challenges are facing your area?

A history of under-investment in infrastructure.

What’s the best thing about living in your area?

The countryside, the vibrancy and diversity of our cities and the economic success.

What’s a typical regional saying?

There are many well-known Yorkshire sayings, most of which don’t reflect the region today. I’d say “Welcome to Yorkshire”.

Are you bullish or bearish?


Asset allocation of a typical balanced portfolio: