Introducing the latest addition to the audience development team.

What drew you to financial services and Citywire?

Having no prior experience within the world of finance, but a yearning to flex my creative muscles, my desire to be involved in this industry boiled down to its fast-paced and ever-mutating nature.

Entering the wealth management sphere is quite daunting, but this very much is part of the reasoning behind my decision, a challenge that I accept with open arms. I believe it was crucial therefore to find a company like Citywire to help me achieve this, offering a professional but welcoming culture, which I am already relishing. 

Why did you want to join the audience development team?

The role itself carries an array of responsibilities, balancing an editorial presence alongside the opportunity to meet the people that make the finance world tick, an element which I’m already finding utterly fascinating.

I feel (hope) that I’m an outgoing and sociable soul, my years as a waiter in Newcastle have helped me develop my interpersonal skills, and I feel prepared to get ‘on the road’ and meet investment managers all across the country.

I think creating the concept of an ‘audience development team’ is a remarkably smart move by Citywire, as it provides a human edge to an otherwise fairly technological bond between us and the wealth managers we deal with. 

Where have you come from?

I was born and bred in Newcastle, which isn’t the greatest city in the world, but it’s certainly in the top one.

Following sixth form, I studied quantity surveying at Loughborough University, but after two years I made the difficult decision to change course and follow my passions, moving onto English and American studies.

Having flown the nest to London, I’m currently in a fairly new environment, though I have my girlfriend and multiple friends here, through which I have been able to discover the city. 

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited for the sociable aspect of the job, and I’m eagerly awaiting my first Citywire event. Equally so I’m anticipating being able to use my creative license in our sections of the Wealth Manager magazine and website.

Perhaps most appealing of all is the travel aspect, I’m especially looking forward to getting out across the UK, and absorbing the cultures of the places we visit, and learning how differing regional locations offer differing benefits and challenges to the wealth managers who operate within them. 

What do you do with spare time?

I’m an avid (and at times begrudged) fan of Newcastle United, and I firmly believe Alan Shearer to be the greatest human being who ever lived.

I’m a music fanatic and enjoy attending as many gigs as possible, and despite not possessing any musical talent in any form, I am building a vinyl collection to fill this void.

Currently I am immersing myself in the city’s wonderful restaurant and drink (beer) options, all whilst adapting to London life, learning that an oyster is for public transport and not a form of seafood, and that guacamole is not the southern term for mushy peas.