Japan-based fund giant Asset Management One has launched an artificially intelligent (AI), 'deep learning' strategy.

A spokesperson declined to disclose costs, saying charges for the fund would be made available to institutional investors 'upon request'.

The AI Deep Learning Global Equity fund will be run by Junichiro Tobita, using the company's proprietary tech to select a portfolio of global equities.

The term deep learning is used to describe a form of artificial intelligence capable of extremely complex pattern recognition.

The area has rapidly become one of the buzziest subsets of AI due to recent advances in the range of inputs it is able to analyse, with McKinsey last year predicting successful early adopters could boost revenues by up to 9%. 

Japanese pension specialist Asset Management One, which has $503 billion in assets, said its algorithm ‘uses a model which mimics the human brain to learn from past events and analyse data, covering over 10,000 companies globally with twenty years of data.’

The firm’s senior product manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa Serge Kasai, said the fund is part of a ‘third generation’ of AI investing and marks the continuation of a growth drive in the region.

‘Because the deep learning model takes positions based purely on what it has learned without any biases or emotions, it provides investors with additional alpha opportunities, different from active or traditional quant investment,’ he said.

‘We believe this unique strategy can function as an effective diversification tool for investors.’

The launch comes after Asset Management One opened two Japan-focused funds for EMEA investors earlier this year, and a multi-cap Japanese equity fund last year.