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Time for wealth management to ‘indulge digital minds’

Innovation strategist Anders Sorman-Nilsson and data journalist David McCandless discuss the importance of data and digital touchpoints for wealth managers.

Hidden jewel to major player: Walker Crips’ 5-year journey

Mark Rushton described how his firm quadrupled its assets under management in the last five years.

Another ’08 could see Mifid II become counterproductive

Simon Ray, group chief operating officer at European Wealth, discusses how firms can start preparing for Mifid II changes.

Politically exposed persons: are they worth the risk?

Politically exposed persons (PEPs) are tricky to deal with, prompting many wealth managers to just avoid them, but if done right these clients can be a lucrative source of business.

What is the long term plan for robo wealth firms?

So what is the real endgame? Will robo-advisers be bought out by larger industry incumbents, or will they remain independent?

Forget Chinapocalypse and focus on Asia's 'cash flow torrent'

An 'aggressive directional bet' on Asian equity should be avoided, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

How to address the needs of vulnerable clients

With dementia now the leading cause of death in the UK, this has implications for wealth managers' client banks.

Tainted by scandal: how to approach crisis-hit investments

Set-back, scandal or crisis, whatever you want to call it when something goes wrong with a company, investors are forced to make a decision: do they pull out or wait for recovery?

How wealth firms can wire into the Silicon Roundabout crowd

Shoreditch’s Silicon Roundabout has become a fresh hunting ground for wealth managers to pick up new clients.

Twilight for QE in the land of Rising Sun

Traders emboldened by a slowdown in JGB buying got smacked after testing the BoJ's limits. But how much further can policy run?

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Play Picton: what to expect from property in 2017

Picton: what to expect from property in 2017

Picton Property Income CEO Michael Morris expects the asset class to deliver solid single digit returns this year, but warns there will be considerable variance between sectors.