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Data science and active managers: a match made in heaven?

Making good investment decisions is dependent on having quality information, which is increasingly becoming subject to creating powerful algorithms.

10 years on: the smartphone and Mifid II evolution

Adam Phones mobile head Alex Phillips explores how smartphones have impacted Mifid as both celebrate their 10-year anniversaries.

Changing fees: What is the best way to charge clients?

Before buying anything, it is only natural to want to know how much exactly it is going to cost, so why should this not be the case in wealth management as well?

Conservative manifesto: values are first Brexit casualty

Theresa May came not to praise Thatcher but to bury her

Why the end of Trump trade is good for markets

While the Trump trade looks to be in real trouble, but GAM multi-asset boss Julian Howard is not losing any sleep an

Why the retail investor is going to lose out with Mifid II

Paul Sedgwick is concerned that the upcoming Mifid II regulation risks squeezing out smaller companies and pushing up prices for the end consumer.

F1 drivers: risk averse when not behind the wheel

Racing car drivers seemingly live fast and dangerous lives, but surprisingly, they usually make for cautious investors.

Study slams absolute return bond fund 'pricing shambles'

A study from bfinance has highlighted some strong trends in asset management pricing.

Why our high volume economic model is in jeopardy

Leo Johnson, partner for sustainability at PwC, sees automatisation as having drastic consequences that could put some of the world’s biggest companies in jeopardy.

Is a computer going to steal my job as a fund manager?

Seneca chief investment officer Peter Elston fears for the next generation of fund managers in an age gripped by technology.

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Play IBT's Craig on the Trump impact for biotech

IBT's Craig on the Trump impact for biotech

Ailsa Craig of the International Biotechnology trust highlights the M&A activity seen in the biotechnology sector this year.