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How should research be priced in a post-Mifid II world?

Being Mifid II-ready has become a competitive advantage which will set firms apart, according to Brij Malkan from BCA research.

Can refundable performance fees work?

Orbis Investments is the traditional percentage of assets-based fees but it may be ttoo early to tell if the new structure is working

The trials and tribulations of living through M&A

Plenty is written about the impact of the frequent merger and acquisition activity in wealth management on clients, but what about the staff involved?

Diary of a digital investor: Nutmeg's first investment review

In the second part of the series, I find that I have three different risk profiles assigned by four robo-advisers and take a look at how Nutmeg invested my money.

Clientology: City hotshots - tough and relaxed

When it comes to investing their cash, City workers are not as demanding as you might expect

Mifid II demands a mindset change in delivering best execution

Mifid II presents a golden opportunity for asset managers, writes Alex Kerry, head of Winterflood Business Services

Bitcoin: Should you invest in the crypto-currency?

So what is the chance the technology will begin to be adopted by the City?

ETF worries: capacity or liquidity?

The problem with capacity is you may get too large for the market; with liquidity that the market can move against you

Diary of a digital investor: on a journey with four robos

We decided to test out four online wealth managers and see what all the fuss is about.

Can 'emboldened' Labour form a minority government?

The Labour party had a great night yesterday but still failed to win a majority, making this the third election it has lost.

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Play IBT's Craig on the Trump impact for biotech

IBT's Craig on the Trump impact for biotech

Ailsa Craig of the International Biotechnology trust highlights the M&A activity seen in the biotechnology sector this year.