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AI and a brave new world of investing

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The development of AI—computer systems that can think intelligently and learn as humans do—continues to generate global excitement and controversy, while dividing public opinion. Some fear the development of intelligent machines poses a greater threat to humanity than climate change and could even presage the end of the world. Others remain optimistic AI can bring huge benefits to humankind, including the scope to boost productivity, revolutionise the workplace and unleash a new wave of global economic growth.

We have identified an AI investment universe of about US$13.5 trillion, including 750 stocks, mainly comprised of US companies. We point to the potential for increased AI application in areas, such as retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture. The development and adoption of so-called natural language processing and its inclusion in everyday items such as smartphones will likely drive future market growth.

We are going to places we haven’t gone before, and in doing so, there are some unanswered questions that may come into play on ethical dimensions and how much free will AI embodies in machines and what this is used for. These are topics that will come up more and more as AI becomes a part of our daily lives. The hope is we can exploit the potential benefits of AI and harness them for humankind in a way that fosters not only greater prosperity but also helps us to enjoy a better quality of life.

Robert J. Kluchko – The Boston company, a BNY Mellon company

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