Sauren Global Growth A

Managed by

Eckhard Sauren

Eckhard Sauren founded Sauren Finanzdiensleistungen, an independent financial consultant, as a 20 year-old in October 1991. He went on to set up Sauren Fonds-Service AG in December 2000 and Sauren Fonds-Research AG in April 2001. Sauren states that ‘we don’t invest in funds, we invest in fund managers’ and applies this approach to an array of fund of funds. These include the Sauren Global Growth and Global Growth Plus funds, for which he invests in a selection of the most promising fund managers for a region, and the Sauren Global Opportunities fund which looks for talented managers in inefficient markets. Born in Aachen, Germany, in September 1971, Sauren is a keen follower of football and horse racing.


The umbrella fund will invest its assets predominantly in investment funds ("target funds") that invest primarily in equities in order to participate in the long-term development of the equities markets. The umbrella fund will invest worldwide, fund can also acquire target funds that invest in emerging or individual sectors. In addition to the target fund, the umbrella fund can also invest in other assets.

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Registered For Sale In

  1. Germany
  2. Luxembourg