Welcome to the Jungle: Gemma Siddle's music milestones

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses sums up Siddle's first impressions of the advice profession when she joined years ago. 

'This is how I felt as a 20-year-old woman at events,' Siddle says. No Doubt's lyrics 'Oh I'm just a girl/Guess I'm some kind of freak' spring to mind perhaps. A rarity, certainly. 

Siddle experienced a strong sense of community among the paraplanning profession, feeling You Get What You Give. 

A change of genre for this track, which comes with a good dollop of nostalgia for many. For Siddle, it represents choosing her path for how she wanted to provide advice. 

School might have been out for Siddle when she achieved chartered and certified status, and gained a Personal Finance Society Fellowship, but she says she has not stopped learning. 

Siddle says she still gets this feeling every time a client reaches a lifestyle goal. She also specifies the Muse version of this song.

Siddle says the Oasis album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants represents stepping up as a director at Eldon Financial Planning. 

We know this a reference to the name of the album, but it's still fitting to see Oasis featured for the 34-year-old adviser. The most unavoidable band of the 90s. 

Also Siddle's choice for her favourite song in last year's New Model Adviser® Top 35 Next Generation Advisers, Social Distortion's Reach for the Sky is how she hopes to motivate her younger team during training. We're starting to think she might just really like Social Distortion as well. 

Suspicions confirmed. Here's another Social Distortion track. And how Siddle feels about the Next Gen movement.