The Top 35 Next Generation Advisers 2017

Nathan Bater

Financial Planner, Bartholomew Hawkins Chartered Financial Planners

Age 27

In July this year Nathan Bater was promoted from paraplanner to financial planner in the Cardiff office of Bartholomew Hawkins. He achieved a diploma in regulated financial planning in 2015 and is working towards achieving chartered status. 

A photography lover with an eye for the world, Bater says his ideal dinner party guest would be the Dalai Lama because ‘his ability to connect on a personal level with any human being, irrespective of their background, race or social status, is a characteristic that would make for a perfect party guest’.

Top 2017 achievements
As well as his professional achievements this year, attaining competent adviser status and completing many exams, Bater undertook a sky-dive in Cairns, Australia, which he says was both exciting and terrifying.

Matthew Beck

Financial Planner, Almary Green

Age 27 

This year Matthew Beck completed the Almary Green Graduate programme, after three years of training and exams with the Norwich-based firm. He is now working towards becoming a chartered financial planner.

Beck has a degree in economics from the University of East Anglia and a diploma in regulated financial services. He is a member of the Personal Finance Society and has gained the level 6 personal tax and trust planning (AF1) qualification.

Top 2017 achievements
Beck is responsible for cashflow planning at the firm and says: ‘I am especially proud of launching the integration of cashflow modelling as part of the core planning process at Almary Green.’

Sam Binstead

Investment director and chartered financial planner, Chilvester Financial

Age 31

The first time Sam Binstead appeared in the pages of New Model Adviser® was in 2013, when Chilvester Financial director Tony Capener was a cover star. 

Fast forward four years and Binstead now chairs Chilvester Financial’s investment committee, where he works alongside Capener and other senior staff to set allocation in clients’ portfolios.

In fact, he is now a key part of the succession plan at Chilvester Financial. Over the past year he has taken a part ownership in the company, setting himself up to follow in Capener’s footsteps.

Top 2017 achievements
‘This year I joined the board at Chilvester,’ Binstead says about the past 12 months. He is one of three directors at the firm.

Andy Butcher

Branch principal, Raymond James, Hampstead

Age 34 

In July Andy Butcher left his job as a senior adviser at NLP Financial Management to launch a Hampstead-based Raymond James firm with a colleague.

Butcher has a number of qualifications from the Personal Finance Society, including level 6 financial planning process (AF5), personal tax and trust planning (AF1) and pension planning (AF3).

Top 2017 achievements
Starting his own business has been Butcher’s biggest achievement this year. Despite some inevitable teething problems, Butcher says the firm has had a strong start. ‘This is by far the biggest risk I have ever taken, career-wise or other. But we put a huge amount of research and planning into setting up the company, so we hope we have mitigated as much risk as we can.’

Josh Butten

Financial planner, Myers Davison Ginger

Age 25

A chartered adviser and fellow of the Personal Finance Society, Josh Butten has packed a lot into his 25 years. In 2013 he was the country’s youngest level 4 diploma qualified financial planner. 

Bedfordshire-based Myers Davison Ginger also describes him as an IT wizard, which perhaps explains his involvement with introducing new technology to the firm. His other responsibilities include cashflow planning, fund selection, portfolio construction, brand and business development and recruiting new staff.

Top 2017 achievements
Butten says: ‘A recent significant achievement has been expanding to public speaking roles, included giving presentations to professional connections on behavioural finance and technical pension topics, such as the creation of a defined benefit small self-administered scheme.’

Patrick Convey

Technical director, Cavendish Medical

Age 35

Patrick Convey has been at London-based Cavendish Medical since it began in 2005. He has a degree in financial economics from Kingston University.

Cavendish Medical helps with financial education for the children of
existing clients once they reach 18 or finish university by way of pro-bono work. As part of this, Convey covers basic taxation, mortgages and a brief introduction to pensions.

Top 2017 achievements
The firm has continued to grow its assets under advice. Around this time last year Convey was asked to take on the management of Cavendish Medical’s six-strong paraplanning team, which he describes as one of the highlights of the past year. He also completed his second Tough Mudder in May.

Bhavika Desai

Chartered financial planner, Index Wealth Management

Age 33

Travel enthusiast Bhavika Desai has continued to develop her skills at Sutton Coldfield-based Index Wealth Management since appearing in New Model Adviser® Rising Stars in 2016.

She has worked in financial services for 12 years, eight of which as an adviser, and is a member of the Personal Finance Society, the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and the Society of Trust and Estate Planners.

Top 2017 achievements
This year Desai says her achievements have been a mixture of business and personal growth. She has developed new marketing opportunities for client acquisition in her firm and has improved her public speaking skills to be able to present at client and professional events.

Stefan Fura

Managing director, Furnley House

Age 29 

Sometimes, running an advice firm requires taking a step back from the day-to-day responsibilities of advising clients. Stefan Fura took this decision in 2016 to focus on running the business. 

‘We have a culture of continuous improvement, and I believe my role is to lead by example. As such, I have been an active learner around management; in particular, how to ensure our managers actively embrace coaching,’ he says. 

Fura thinks taking this decision has allowed him to help other advisers at the firm learn and embrace new areas of advice.

Top 2017 achievements
Client satisfaction has increased this year, as has staff engagement. Fura is also proud of a white paper the firm produced about tackling the advice gap.

James Greenly

Chartered financial planner, Capital Asset Management

Age 26

After two years at London-based Capital Asset Management, James
Greenly has achieved chartered status and has gained Personal Finance Society levels 3, 4 and 6 qualifications.

Since appearing as a consultant in last year’s New Model Adviser® Rising Stars, Greenly has become more involved in the business, taking on more asset allocation, cashflow planning, fund selection, portfolio construction and research responsibilities. 

Top 2017 achievements
Greenly says: ‘Since becoming chartered, I have been fully signed off as competent at Capital and now I am looking after my own portfolio of around 50 high-net-worth client families. I have also been much more involved in running the ICM and model portfolios.’

James Kyte

Chartered financial planner, First Wealth

Age 31

Although James Kyte has been working at First Wealth in London for four years now, it would still be an outrage not to mention that in a previous job he was responsible for designing the Speedo underwater MP3 player.

He is a member of the Personal Finance Society, as well as being a
member of NextGen Planners and Inspiring Advisers through First Wealth.

Top 2017 achievements
Kyte enjoys taking clients through their financial journeys. ‘We inspired one client to purchase a property in Barcelona where they could both live and house a workshop.’

He adds another achievement for the year was completing George Kinder’s two-day workshop, hosted by the man himself. ‘An amazing experience that changed the way I work with clients.’

Ross Lambert

Senior financial planning manager, Mazars

Age 29

Ross Lambert’s promotion to a senior management position at London-based Mazars happened this year. He has continued to grow his client bank while now training more junior members of the team.

Lambert has worked at Mazars for seven years and holds several Personal Finance Society levels 3, 4 and 6 qualifications, including personal tax and trust planning (AF1) and investment planning (AF4).

Top 2017 achievements
As part of his growth in the business, Lambert has unravelled many old policies and trusts in which the trustees were no longer speaking, so clients could access their money. On a personal level, this year he completed the Brighton Marathon in less than four hours, raising nearly £2,000 for mental health charity Mind.

Dominic McLoughney

Director, Becketts

Age 34

Dominic McLoughney joined Lancashire-based Becketts in 2006 and specialises in investment and tax planning. He says he owes a ‘debt of gratitude’ to the Next Gen planner community. He says shared practices helped him ‘hugely’ improve technology usage.

He is a member of the Personal Finance Society and NextGen Planners, and is both chartered and certified. 

McLoughney gives pro-bono advice with the Money Plan Service through Kirkham Citizens Advice Bureau, as well as being involved with asset allocation, cashflow planning, fund selection, research and portfolio construction at Becketts.

Top 2017 achievements
McLoughney is currently training two new staff members and says he owes NextGen Planners ‘a debt of gratitude’ for sharing practices that have helped him move the business’ technology forward.

Nicholas Nesbitt

Director of financial planning, Mazars Financial Planning

Age 30

Nicholas Nesbitt has not been resting on his laurels after appearing on the Rising Stars list last year.

He now advises on client assets worth £80 million, compared with £59 million last year. The increase is no small feat at London-based Mazars Financial Planning, one of the larger firms to appear in the New Model Adviser® Top 100.

Nesbitt is also willing to get involved with planning in other ways, including pro-bono sessions as part of financial planning week.

Top 2017 achievements
For all his business growth over the year, Nesbitt says he has ‘taken most enjoyment and pride’ from helping with the graduate training programme at Mazars. He helped four of those on the scheme to become advisers in 2017.

Ben Rees

Managing director, The Opus Group

Age 35

As managing director of The Opus Group and MAIA Asset Management, Ben Rees is clearly a busy man. He can also wear many hats, having acted as investment director at Opus before assuming his current role in 2013. He has chartered financial planning, investment management and chartered wealth management qualifications under his belt.

Opus has offices in London and Birmingham, the latter city being where Rees obtained his law degree in 2003. He counts French as a second language and says his all-time favourite song is Your Song by Elton John: a classic.

Top 2017 achievements
MAIA Asset Management is a discretionary fund manager and was
launched by Rees and a team of experienced and award-winning fund managers this year.

Simon Rees

Director, Gibbs Denley

Age 28

Since last year’s New Model Adviser® Rising Stars, Simon Rees has been promoted from associate director to director at Cambridge-based Gibbs Denley. This promotion in June of this year included becoming a group board member and partner.

Alongside his day-to-day responsibilities, Rees provides pro-bono advice through the Forces MoneyPlan initiative.

Rees specialises in a variety of financial planning areas, including wealth management, pensions and investment, and trust and estate planning. Outside work he enjoys cricket and listening to Redemption Song, although which version of the Bob Marley classic it is remains unclear.

Top 2017 achievements
As well as his promotion, Rees is proud to have personally passed £150 million in assets under advice.

Jonty Rider

Financial adviser, Ascot Wealth Management

Age 24 

Despite being one of the younger entrants into this year’s New Model Adviser® Top 35, 24-year-old Jonty Rider already has several Personal Finance Society level 3, 4 and 6 qualifications under his belt. 

He has worked at Sunningdale-based Ascot Wealth Management for three years, and has a degree in finance and investment banking from the University of Reading. His financial career began before this, however, when he managed a tuck shop business at his school house in Eastbourne College. His role included keeping accounts of income and expenditure.

Top 2017 achievements
This year, Rider has completed his diploma in regulated financial planning and is working towards his advanced diploma. He aims to complete this in three years, while at the same time becoming chartered.

Carl Roberts

Managing director, RTS Financial Planning

Age 34 

The Personal Finance Society’s Money Plan scheme provides financial advice to injured armed service personnel. By way of pro-bono work at Milton Keynes-based RTS Financial Planning, Carl Roberts has been involved with this scheme, as well as providing assistance to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. 

Roberts’ favourite dinner guest would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, of
payment protection insurance advert fame, because he says ‘his
autobiography is one of the best I have read and what a fascinating life he has led so far’.

Top 2017 achievements
As well as founding RTS in February, Roberts says a significant
achievement of the past year was helping his previous firm, Wealth and Tax Management, achieve a place in the New Model Adviser® Top 100.

James Robinson

Private client financial planner, Mazars

Age 26 

A member of the Personal Finance Society and Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, James Robinson has achieved a number of qualifications, including personal tax and trust planning (AF1) and investment planning (AF4).

At London-based Mazars he is responsible for cashflow planning and research, as well as brand promotion and business development. 

Robinson has a first-class honours degree in maths from the University of Leeds, where he was also a committee member of the sailing society.

Top 2017 achievements
A year ago, Robinson started taking on his own clients, and has now built a portfolio of clients with around £8 million assets under advice. He is also working towards becoming a certified financial planner.

Jenni Robinson

Technical analyst, HFS Milbourne

Age 29

A member of the Personal Finance Society, Jenni Robinson has achieved levels 2, 3, 4, and 6 qualifications at the professional body. She has been at Guildford-based HFS Milbourne for a year and a half, having previously been a paraplanner at PSFM. 

Robinson supports the firm’s senior advisers, as well as being involved in cashflow planning, research and introducing new technologies. 

JK Rowling would be her ideal dinner guest, as she has many unanswered questions about the Harry Potter books that even the depths of Reddit cannot answer.

Top 2017 achievements
Robinson says her aim for the year was to complete all necessary chartered financial planning exams, which involved sitting seven exams. She is awaiting the results and hopes to achieve fellowship before she turns 30 next year.

Amyr Rocha-Lima

Chartered financial planner, Holland Hahn & Wills

Age 32 

It has been a busy year for Amyr Rocha-Lima, as he left long-time employer Financial Management (FMIFA) at the end of October for newer pastures at Kingston upon Thames-based Holland Hahn & Wills. 

This followed a period in which he gained an MSc in wealth management after completing his studies at Cass Business School, increased his average case size by £100,000, and took on a new client through referral for the first time.

All of this, while looking after a newborn, has meant a busy year for

Top 2017 achievements
There are plenty of highlights to pick, but Rocha-Lima says he is most proud of how he has used ideas from his MSc to build a proposition and receive referrals from clients.

Gareth Rose

Chartered financial planner, Sedulo Wealth Management

Age 35 

Gareth Rose claims it is his three young children that make him look older than his sprightly 35 years of age. Although perhaps it is his long-suffering support for Blackburn Rovers. 

Jokes aside, Rose joined Sedulo in Manchester a year ago and has worked in financial services for more than 15 years. He is a fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds levels 2, 3, 4, and 6 qualifications through the professional body. 

At Sedulo he is involved with hiring and training new staff, marketing and brand promotion, as well as asset allocation and fund selection.

Top 2017 achievements
This year Rose was appointed senior examiner by the Chartered
Insurance Institute.

Joe Sanders

Chartered financial planner, Informed Financial Planning

Age 27

After graduating from Hull University with a degree in business and financial management, Joe Sanders joined Informed Financial Planning in the same city. 

His Personal Finance Society level 6 qualifications include financial planning process (AF5), pension planning (AF3) and investment planning (AF4). 

Sanders plays rugby union for Hull Ionians and says his all-time top dinner party guest would be former England rugby union captain Martin Johnson.  

Top 2017 achievements
Sanders topped the list for new business revenue at Informed Financial Planning this year. He also presented at Seminar’s for the Leeds & Hull Law societies, which he says is important for working closely with other professions and building connections across Yorkshire.


Alex Shields

Chartered financial planner, John Lamb

Age 30  

Oasis fan Alex Shields has been working at London-based John Lamb for three years. He has been working in financial services ever since graduating from Exeter University with an honours degree in economics in 2008. He is a member of the Personal Finance Society, with which he has achieved levels 3, 4 and 6 qualifications. 

As well as face-to-face meetings with clients as part of his financial
planning duties, Shields is involved with marketing and brand promotion at the firm, as well as recruiting new staff and developing the business.

Top 2017 achievements
Shields says: ‘I was delighted to speak about defined benefit transfer
advice requirements at Withers’ Pensions Forum in October.’

Gemma Siddle

Director of client services, Eldon Financial Planning

Age 34 

Walking and trekking enthusiast Gemma Siddle has a number of accolades under her belt, including the Institute of Financial Planning’s paraplanner of the year 2012 and 2013, young achiever of the year 2014, chartered financial planner of the year 2011 and featured in last year’s Rising Stars. 

She offers free surgeries at Eldon’s Durham offices throughout financial planning week and visits schools and colleges to run sessions on good financial management. 

Top 2017 achievements
Siddle sits on the new Personal Finance Society (PFS) financial planning panel. She has also joined the PFS regional committee, taking an active role. 

She has also taken on CF10 (compliance oversight) for the firm, which she says is a great responsibility but one she is proud to have.

Paul Simmons

Private client financial planner, Mazars Financial Planning

Age 27  

Having been at London-based Mazars for four years, Paul Simmons has achieved Personal Finance Society (PFS) levels 3, 4 and 6 qualifications, including personal tax and trust planning (AF1) and investment planning (AF4). 

Simmons holds a first-class honours degree in business economics from the University of Leeds, for which he gained credits towards PFS level 6 qualifications. He is a member of the PFS as well as the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. 

Top 2017 achievements
Simmons runs a portfolio of clients with funds under advice of around £21 million. He says he has spent the past year growing his own client bank while becoming involved in various business development campaigns to contribute to Mazars’ growth.

Matthew Smith

Managing director, Buckingham Gate

Age 29  

Managing director Matthew Smith has grown his London-based business by nearly 50% over the past year. As a presenter at client and professional events, he says Buckingham Gate’s seminar programme has gone from strength to strength. 

‘This year we have introduced a new investment session that has been instrumental in winning some significant new clients for the firm,’ he says. 

Smith is a certified financial planner and a chartered wealth manager. He also holds a diploma in financial planning. 

Top 2017 achievements
Smith says growing the business and seminar programmes has been a great achievement this year, as well as building a good work ethic in the team. ‘Never before have I worked with such a dedicated and committed group of people while having so much fun.’

Andy Springford

Director, Mazars

Age 31

Since Andy Springford was in New Model Adviser® Rising Stars last year he has become director at London-based Mazars Financial Planning. 

Springford has now been at the company for nine years, perhaps
countering the fear that all young recruits move on quickly. With Springford now involved in finding the next recruits, it looks like a virtuous cycle. 

Top 2017 achievements
Springford says one of his biggest achievements this year is becoming one of the youngest directors at Mazars and doubling the size of his team.

Cera Taylor

Chartered financial planner, Jones Sheridan Financial Consulting

Age 29

Since gaining chartered status when she was listed in last year’s New Model Adviser® Rising Stars, Cera Taylor has enjoyed putting more technical and complex solutions together for clients where appropriate. 

At Crewe-based Jones Sheridan Financial Consulting (now part of Standard Life’s national advice business, 1825), Taylor has carried out some pro-bono work on top of her cashflow planning and portfolio construction duties. This pro-bono work has involved giving guidance to friends, family and colleagues on where to focus, based on their objectives. 

Top 2017 achievements
Taylor says: ‘I have been fortunate enough to have had a very busy 2017, largely due to referrals from existing clients. I have done this while pregnant, which I have found has helped me gain a better insight into client goals when wanting to provide for their offspring.’

Nicholas Townsend

Director, Devonshire Wealth Management

Age 34  

Nicholas Townsend joined London-based Devonshire Wealth Management in 2008 to oversee the firm’s mortgage portfolio. As director, his duties now include cashflow planning, fund selection and research, and he has been instrumental in modernising the business with the introduction of new technologies. He also advises clients on broader investments. 

Townsend is a member of the Personal Finance Society and holds a
number of level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications.  

Top 2017 achievements
Managing director Martin Cawley asked Townsend to become part
owner of the business this year. Townsend says his existing clients have seen this as a positive change in the firm.

Alasdair Walker

Chartered financial planner and director, Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker

Age 28  

Since appearing in last year’s New Model Adviser® Rising Stars, Alasdair Walker has continued to be involved with cashflow planning, fund selection and portfolio construction at Leicester-based Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker. He is also involved with recruitment and brand and business development. 

Walker is active in the Next Gen Planner group of young advisers.  

Top 2017 achievements
This year Walker arranged and hosted a workshop on coaching skills for advisers for a local institute.

Tommy Watson

Financial planner, The Red House Consulting

Age 30 

Tommy Watson of London-based Red House Consulting has had an eventful year. Last December he achieved chartered status, something he described as a ‘huge personal achievement’ after years of hard work. 

From there it has been onwards and upwards for the 30-year-old. He was promoted to financial planner in January, meaning he had responsibility for around half of the firm’s clients. He has also started to train the team’s administrator to become a paraplanner. 

Training played an important role for Watson outside of work in 2017. He cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End over nine days in summer, and completed a half ironman triathlon. 

Top 2017 achievements
As well as reaching chartered status last year, Watson has started to bring clients of his own into the firm.

Tom Wilcox-Jones

Director, White Oak Financial Planning

Age 33  

Tom Wilcox-Jones worked as an associate director for Blackstone
Moregate in London for six years. This year he uprooted to the North West to set up his own company, White Oak Financial Planning, as an appointed representative of Blackstone. 

This business was set up with a small group of 18 existing clients, which has now increased to 26 in three months. 

Wilcox-Jones has Personal Finance Society levels 3, 4 and 6 qualifications, including the AF5, which he recently sat. 

Top 2017 achievements
‘Setting up a new business has been fun and challenging,’ Wilcox-Jones says. ‘Combining this with moving house and the birth of my second child has been a real eye-opener, and the fact it is all working and moving forwards in a big achievement for me and my family.’

Matt Wiltshire

Financial adviser, Niche Independent Financial Advisers

Age 30  

Matt Wiltshire is a member of the Personal Finance Society and NextGen Planners. He also founded a networking group called Cardiff Young Professionals. 

Wiltshire joined Cardiff-based Niche Chartered Financial Planners in 2009 after obtaining a degree in forensic science from the University of West England. He specialises mainly in pensions. 

Wiltshire has a number of strings to his bow at Niche. He is involved in asset allocation decisions and clients’ cash flow planning and helps drive fund selection with his seat on the investment committee. 

Top 2017 achievements
This year Wiltshire has had his second child, bought a new home, sat numerous AF papers and helped make Niche’s own CashCalc a very widely used cashflow planning tool.

Graham Wingar

Partner, Future Asset Management

Age 30

Seven years after joining Bridgend-based Future Asset Management primarily as a mortgage adviser, Graham Wingar, son of managing partner David Wingar, is now a partner at the firm. He now deals mostly with retirement and pension planning. Last year, he also achieved certified financial planner status. 

Wingar sits on an investment committee at Future and is involved with fund selection, as well as cashflow planning and face-to-face advice for clients. 

He has two young kids and a wife, all of whom he opted for as his ideal dinner guests over a celebrity. Well done Graham!

Top 2017 achievements
Over the past year Wingar has enjoyed recruiting and training a new
paraplanner at the firm, as well as building report templates for the firm to use.

Natalie Wright

Chartered financial planner, Mazars Financial Planning

Age 35  

For Natalie Wright, who appeared in last year’s Rising Stars list, the last year has been in many ways a repeat of 2016. 

She was once again shortlisted for the PFS chartered financial planner of the year award, and has continued to write about finance for the working mothers’ magazine MMB. 

However, there have been some changes for Wright, including a more senior role which involves mentoring trainee planners at Mazars’ Yorkshire branch. She has also offered pro-bono advice to local businesses and their employees. 

Top 2017 achievements
Wright presented at the CISI conference this year, delivering a speech on business protection. She is also working on a project in Mazars on this topic, so watch this space for more.