Spaniel allowance: Friday fun with advisers' office pets

IFA pet-ential

It is an undisputed fact that office pets are the best thing ever. On a scale of cuteness against productivity and overall wellbeing, firms overseen by fluffy friends score 100%. 

With that in mind, we have showcased the industry top dogs (and cats and alpacas) at your peers' firms, presenting a snapshot of their roles, day-to-day office life and financial qualifications.

Maven Hart the Happiness Hound

Maven Adviser’s namesake pup brings mischief and noise to the London-based firm. He is 18 months’ old and sits wherever he wants in the office, despite having a bed next to founder Andy Hart’s desk.


Poppy belongs to Nicola Watts, director of Jane Smith Financial Planning. She has free run of the office, however when clients are in, she takes to her bed in Nicola’s office.

Poppy joined the team as a puppy in July 2013. She is a black labrador and her responsibilities include monitoring the biscuits and being fussed by all members of staff.

She has no plans to study for financial qualifications and is not authorised to provide advice.

Alfie, Lucca and Milo 

Beacon Wealth Management's three alpacas are named Alfie, aged four, office supervisor on-off bully/coward; Lucca, aged two, team player and placater; Milo, aged two, receptionist in charge of the meet and greet. They are pictured here with managing director Tony Larkins.

They act as a team, sharing the main duties of keeping the grass cut and being cute, both of which they do well.

On the manufacturing side, they have equal responsibility for producing thick fleeces.

Clearly they do not believe in interacting with clients as they keep their distance, but they are not rude and do show an interest on a reciprocal basis, especially if clients come bearing gifts of apple or carrot.


Five-year-old fox red labrador Rosie is the office dog of Martin Bamford, managing director of Informed Choice. She has been a regular feature at Sundial House since she was a few months old, and clients and other visitors (mostly) love her. The team also love it when she is around, with the exception of Bamford's dad, who can’t stand dogs!


Okay, it's not an advice firm, but Compliance and Training Solution wanted to take part and we couldn't say no.

Toby is still just a puppy at just 16 weeks old. He is a Jack Russell, terrier cross. He has been going to the office since he was just eight weeks old, so it is now his second home.

He loves nothing more than when the staff are in team meetings and has a day of fuss from everyone, although when he gets home all he does is sleep.

The irony of the acronym of Compliance and Training Solution's company name (CATS) is not lost on them and always gets a laugh from clients, but when Charlotte, the company PA, told them she had just got him, they couldn’t resist having him there daily as the company pet. He is still not too sure about the postman, but the postman does not find him too terrifying.

CATS is surrounded by fields and so the team enjoy a reason to go for a walk a few times a day – it’s good to get out of the office, especially when the sun is shining.


Jasper has a very important status as 'chief executive' at Black Dog Financial Services. He eats biscuits, greets clients and releases obnoxious smells on a regular basis.

He is four and a half years' old and owned by Richard Penny, one of Black Dog Financial Services' directors. However, the company has overall responsibility for him as its accountant has confirmed he is tax deductable.

He is happy to be working in financial services as long as the company is profitable enough to maintain a constant supply of biscuits and he is allowed regular breaks in the day for walkies and stick chasing.

Basil the fluffy motivator

Basil is Magenta Financial Planning's youngest and fluffiest team member. Basil lives with managing director Gretchen Betts and was adopted from Cats Protection Bridgend.

He is a classic Tabby Persian and is three years old. He enjoys chasing balls and feathers, frequent napping and is keen to learn to add and subtract.

Basil is not permitted to give any financial advice.

Follow Basil on Twitter @fluffybasil 

Finn, executive attention seeker

AV Trinity's Dobermann loves nothing better than to relax in the office and occasionally join client meetings. This laid-back character has a part-time role as a petting dog in a local care home. Following the sad death of managing director Karen Vidler, who had adopted Finn as an 'unwanted' dog, he has found a new home with Gina Archbold, AV Trinity’s customer service team leader.

Finn is a qualified pets as therapy dog. He has a degree as an escape artist but dismally failed his obedience training course. 


Ruby is Scotia Wealth Management's director of enthusiasm.

She runs about the office after managing director Bill Smith, chasing stress balls and searching out treats. Ruby has participated in the firm's charity walks, ending up doing at least twice the distance the rest of the team do. She is scared of bald men, which is unfortunate in this office.


Jess is very laid back. The office manager’s black lab, she loves playing with her toys in the office and engaging all the team in her games. She loves people making a fuss over her. She has supported the firm's charity car wash and is looking forward to future charity walks.  She loves everyone.