Overseas specialist advice firm Montfort has hired an ex-HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) veteran to its technical team, who first worked with its managing director 25 years ago. 

John Lovatt (pictured), who served at HMRC’s pension scheme services office for 28 years, is joining Guildford-based Montfort as a pensions taxation specialist. At HMRC, Lovatt specialised in offshore pension vehicles such as qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes.

Geraint Davies, Montfort’s managing director, said the appointment will help the firm deal with complex client cases. ‘John and I first connected 25 years ago when John delivered technical tax opinion to Montfort,’ he said. ‘Together we pioneered the first ever Anglo-Australian pension transfer solution, which at the time, was non-existent.

‘Over the years, John has developed an outstanding legacy as one of HMRC’s key technical taxation experts with specialist knowledge on the complexities surrounding UK taxation.

Lovatt said: ‘I have long worked with Geraint and so I’m thrilled to now be a part of the Montfort team.’