Since leaving the government benches in 2016, Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan has tried to cast herself in the light of a 'sensible' Tory. 

Now, as chair of the influential Treasury select committee, it is Morgan's job to coordinate scrutiny of the government's spending policy, and its associated bodies. This is a role that inevitably involves thoughtful assessment of the Treasury's decisions. On Brexit, she has proven no different.

New Model Adviser® met Morgan for an exclusive interview just before Christmas, which was screened at our annual conference last week. Today prime minister Theresa May faces a crunch vote in parliament on her proposed deal with the EU.

A remainer, Morgan says she accepts the result of the June 2016 referendum should hold. She has spoken in depth about rebuilding the country's unity post-Brexit and clearly has some form of vision for how a Tory government may continue to exert its influence on the country for years – decades, even – to come. 

However, in recent months, she has courted controversy among voters for challenging the government's plans for its withdrawal. 

A framed copy of the Daily Telegraph's now infamous 'Brexit mutineers' front page is displayed in her office. That headline was published on 15 November 2017. On it, she is pictured with other fellow 'sensible' Tories: Dominic Grieve, Stephen Hammond and Heidi Allen, to name a few. 

Since then, however, she has remained at the centre of the Brexit row.

New Model Adviser® asked Morgan if we were heading for a no-deal 'WTO' Brexit.  Morgan said: 'I don't think parliament will allow it. One of the things the economic analysis for the Treasury did show was the signifiant negative economic impact a WTO Brexit would have on the UK economy and the uncertainty it would cause.'

Morgan added that if by the end of January no deal had been agreed 'that does count as a bit of a crisis actually' and appealed for different sides of the Brexit debate to work together.

The video above is just one of many remarks she made about Brexit.

Morgan also revealed the Financial Conduct Authority's 'frustration' with EU's Brexit negotiators.