From Ed Balls to golf buggies: see 30 brilliant pictures from 2018!

It has been another busy year for the team at New Model Adviser®. Check out all their favourite photo moments from 2018 here.

It has been another busy year for the team at New Model Adviser®. As the year has progressed, our in-house photographers have never been far behind.

They have captured the highs (and lows) of what has turned into a really busy year for us.

Here are some of our favourites. 

It has been another busy year for the team at New Model Adviser®. As the year has progressed, our in-house photographers have never been far behind.

They have captured the highs (and lows) of what has turned into a really busy year for us.

Here are some of our favourites. 


It seems like a long time ago now but our January conference and awards was a jam-packed affair with top speakers who made a real impact. 

Former shadow chancellor Ed Balls gave a keynote speech on day one of the event, in which he reflected on the failure of Labour governments to recognise the signs of the coming financial crash in 2008. 



The biggest bombshell of our conference and awards came from futurist Ed Gillespie, however. 

He urged all the IFAs in the room to divest from fossil fuels immediately, a call to action which clearly had an impact in our polling later in the conference. 


In March we capped off another investigation into IFA phoenixing with this podcast, which demanded a picture that was as serious as possible.

Obviously our two Smiths - Ollie and Elliot - were only too happy to oblige!




March is the month in which International Women's Day takes place, and we laid on a lot of content to celebrate that over the course of a couple of weeks.

Funnest of all was this podcast, which saw Investment Quorum managing director Petronella West, Equanimity IFA managing director Helen Howcroft and EQ Investors director Jeannie Boyle join Ollie Smith and Christine Dawson in the studio to discuss everything from empowering female advisers to getting female clients round the table. 

Check that out here


Our CEO Tapes series returned this year, and boy was it big. 

Hendrik du Toit (pictured), chief executive of Investec Asset Management, who said that if one read 'certain other publications' you'd think the asset management sector 'was a criminal enterprise'. 

You can watch that and more here


'They were shredding documents while the government was upstairs,' our executive chairman Lawrence Lever told New Model Adviser® editor Will Robins in this podcast in June.

Check that out for a fascinating story of corruption and government bungling, whose repurcussions are still being felt today. 


A video highlight this year was welcoming AJ Bell chief executive Andy Bell to our offices for a studio interview, which you can watch here

In it, Bell talks all about the company's planned initial public offering (which took place in December), and the replatforming pain experienced by some of his provider-owned platform peers. 


In July we hosted a directory debate podcast in our studios, featuring the heads of three adviser directories and IFA consultant Phil Bray. 

It was an at times lively and even tense discussion. The resulting podcast has now been downloaded over 2,000 times!

Check it out here


Liverpool-based Prosperity Private Wealth is embracing the digital age with the launch of a new mobile app on iTunes, as we found out when our audience development team took a trip up to Merseyside in July.

Pictured are audience development afficionados Ian Horne and Bhavna Koli with Prosperity director Emma Craig. 



While in Liverpool, Bhavna Koli met with Sean McDermott, director, SMC Financial services. They are pictured above. 

The Summer!

Remember the heat - when it was impossible to sleep and everything just required that extra ounce of effort?

As if it was not already obvious, UK head of audience development Ian Horne is a chilled out guy, and can sleep pretty much anytime, anywhere. 

The Summer!

A candid moment for NMA audience development executive Ashley Thomas Walsh. If you have any idea what on earth he was talking about, do get in touch!

The Summer!

Our on the road team had a fun-packed Summer, and our photographers were there to capture a few special moments.

Pictured is audience development executive Bhavna Koli having a great time...on the phone...!

Whatever floats your boat!

The Summer!

You know what they say... 

When you become the story it is time to call it a day!

Pictured is Citywire house photographer Alex Tecson striking a pose in front of what looks like a very delicious lunch.

The Summer!

Following weeks spent trying to decipher the precise maths needed for a perfect shot at the New Model Adviser® retreat golf afternoon, former scientist turned audience development executive Bhavna Koli presents her working and methodology to the team!

The Summer!

This Summer our audience development team joined forces with their colleagues on sister title Wealth Manager to do a World Cup Quiz. 

Pictured from left to right: New Model Adviser® reporter Elliot Smith, Wealth Manager audience development executive Alex Foster, Bhavna Koli, Wealth Manager audience development executive Katie Gilfillan, Ashley Thomas Walsh and Ian Horne. 

The World Cup!

Football nearly came home this Summer, and June was the month in which it was once more exciting to be an England Football fan.

We very cleverly anticipated that this would of course happen and threw a series of drinks events for IFA football fans in the London area. 

Thanks to all who joined us. Pictured: our team and guests assembled at the Vauxhall Gardens bar. 

The World Cup! (Part two)

Pictured: our team and guests assembled at the Water Poet pub near Shoreditch. 


In August, New Model Adviser® online producer Ollie Smith (pictured) took to the streets with a camera to ask City workers about their pensions.

The results were revealing and amusing in equal measure!

You can watch that here


A trip up to the West Midlands in September by our audience development team resulted in several great meetings with top advice businesses.

Pictured here: the team with David Philips of Wealth Design, who featured as star profile advisers earlier this year


While on the road our team met with Kind Wealth. Pictured is Ian Horne with Sarah Seeley, a financial consultant at the firm.


Our New Model Adviser® September Retreat was a corker, with a great array of guest speakers. Pictured here is futurist Anders Sörman Nilsson, who spoke to IFA delegates about trends in tech and keeping your business nimble in the face of change. 


Another speaker at our September retreat was David Spiegelhalter, who told us all about the way in which facts are manipulated and fake news arises from good quality information.

It was a fascinating speech - real food for thought for anyone reading (and indeed writing) the headlines. 


Our final New Model Adviser® retreat keynote speaker was former F1 pit engineer Marc Priestley, who spent a decade as a mechanic on the McLaren pit crew and saw the likes of Lewis Hamilton rise to dominate the racing world. 

He told us all about how McLaren went it alone to be the only F1 team to not oppose an advertising ban on cigarette brands in the sport, and how the team knocked seconds off its pit stop times to break world records. A tour de force of change management!


New Model Adviser® editor Will Robins hosted a roundtable debate in October to discuss how clients should pay for advice. It was an interesting exchange, featuring senior representatives from three big advice firms:

  • Andy Thompson, chief executive of Intrinsic Financial Services;
  • Kay Ingram, director of public policy at LEBC;
  • Mark Stokes, proposition and marketing director at Succession.



In October we told you all about our trip up Snowdon with Chris Welsford, managing director of Ayres Punchard. 

Chris splits his time between giving financial advice and providing life saving aid as part of his local mountain rescue team, so when a casual trip up Snowdon was offered, UK head of audience development Ian Horne was only too keen. 

They both did really well, although as the pictures attest the weather was a bit stormy!


The CEO Tapes series ran all the way through the year. Pictured here is Hanneke Smits, chief executive of Newton Investment Management, during a video about changing investing horizons.



It was really great to be able to discuss the most pressing issues facing the asset management sector in a video specifically devoted to gender inequality.

Pictured: Lucy Macdonald, chief investment officer global equity, Allianz Global Investors. You can watch her remarks about gender inequality and the 'meritocracy myth' in finance here



We landed another big video exclusive in November, when Quilter chief executive Paul Feeney joined us in the studio to discuss the future of his firm.

In what we believe was a video first, he also got candid on mental health, young people, and the senior staff leaving Quilter. It made for a great set of videos; you can click on the following links to see parts one, two and three

The mystery picture

We cannot remember where or when this was taken but it involves Ashley Thomas Walsh and a golf buggy so it can only be good!

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