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There are several ways to subscribe to Citywire, and they're all free.

Email alerts

Our emails are the best way to keep up to date with the latest financial news and views.

You can sign up for regular email alerts when you register - which is quick, easy and free - and change your email settings here.


Registered users can also use the watchlist tool.

Any time we write about a fund or share you're interested in, we'll send you an email. Used in conjunction with the portfolio tool it's a powerful way of keeping tabs on your investments.


Citywire's mobile site, which gives you a simple view of the latest news on Citywire, can be accessed at

Let us know what additional features you'd like to see on the mobile edition by emailing us.


If you've got a Twitter account you can follow us @CitywireMoney or @citywire:


@CitywireMoney is a feed of all our news, articles, videos, blogs and guides.

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    The main Citywire account is automatically fed with everything our journalists produce for Citywire – both for Citywire Money and our other sites aimed at financial professionals.

    What on earth is a Twitter?

    Twitter is one of those things that makes a lot more sense when you try it out for yourself.

    Essentially, it allows people to 'tweet' short messages, which are picked up by their 'followers'. (Yes, I'm afraid it's got its own jargon.)

    As a follower, you can see these messages in any number of ways - on the website itself, using a programme like Tweetdeck, with an app for your phone, via RSS (see below), and so on.

    On the left, for example, is the @CitywireMoney Twitter feed.


    Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a way to make the web come to you, rather than the other way around. You subscribe using an RSS Reader such as Google Reader, our favourite.

    Whenever you see the RSS icon icon it means you can subscribe.

    Below is an exhaustive list of our RSS feeds. The most popular ones are at the top.

    Main feeds

    Filtered by topic

    Citywire Selection

    Visit Citywire Selection

    Ways to invest

    How do I use RSS?

    What is it?

    For a long time, the only way to see what was new at websites you frequent was to, well, frequent them.

    This is a bit like going across town to the newsagents to see if the latest issue of Total Fishing is on the shelves, rather than subscribing and having it land on your doormat before everyone else gets to read it.

    RSS changes all that. Instead of visiting Citywire to see what's new, you can subscribe to us using an RSS reader.

    Getting started

    There are two types of RSS reader - software you download such as Feedreader (for Windows) or NewsFire (for Mac), and web-based services like Google Reader and Bloglines.

    We prefer the latter, as they work on any computer and you don't need to install anything (which may not be possible at work). And many have versions designed for smartphones - great for commuting.

    Adding Citywire feeds

    Let's say you've signed up for Google Reader. To add a subscription, click on the feed you want, e.g. Latest Headlines. What happens next will depend on your browser.

    If you're using Firefox you may see a screen like this:

    Firefox subscription page

    Click 'Subscribe Now' and follow the instructions to add it to Google Reader.

    With some browsers you may get a screen full of garbage instead. If this happens, you need to copy the feed's address from your browser's address bar:

    Internet Explorer 8 URL bar

    Highlight the text and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Then, in Google Reader, click 'Add a subscription' and paste in the address by pressing Ctrl+V:

    Google Reader

    For more information visit Google Reader help.

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