Fund Performance - Limitations And Restriction Of Use

Within the 'Unit Trust Performance' tables all figures are shown on a bid-to-bid basis with all gross dividends paid by the unit trust reinvested into the fund at the ex-Dividend date.

Within Citywire stories, unless otherwise stated, unit trust performance is considered on a bid-to-bid basis for periods of less than one year and on an offer-to-bid buying price to selling price) basis, which includes the effects of a fund's initial charges, for periods of one year or more.

Unless otherwise stated the performance of investment trusts and equities is considered on the basis of closing price to closing price (close-to-close) for all periods. Analysis is considered with net income reinvested at the dividend payment date, except in cases where investment trust net asset values are concerned when the performance figures are quoted with income withdrawn.

While these figures will not necessarily reflect the performance an investor would have achieved it puts performance on a standard, consistent basis and allows investors to be more confident about comparable performance figures.

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