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Investment Trust Insider - Comment & Analysis

Woodford Patient Capital: battered shares draw in bargain hunters

(Update) Woodford Patient Capital Trust marks its third birthday with its shares still marooned below their launch price but with some investors spotting a buying opportunity.

James Carthew: knee-jerk rejection of utilities is wrong

Rising interest rates and tougher regulation pose a big challenge to utilities but not all are badly affected and investment opportunities remain for income investors.

Investment Trust Watch: ‘buy’ Schroder UK Growth

Schroders' sacking and replacement with rival Baillie Gifford restores interest in its UK Growth trust, while activist Sherborne Investors and top-performing Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon also catch the eye.

Ian Cowie: the winners and losers testing my patience

Our columnist continues his annual portfolio review to highlight investment trusts where recent performance begs questions in need of an answer.

Fundamentum launch tests appetite for social housing

Investor appetite for high-yielding social housing funds faces a new test today as plans are unveiled to launch Fundamentum Supported Housing, the sector’s fourth real estate investment trust in 18 months.

Ian Cowie: why I’m fishing for American tiddlers not whales

American blue-chip valuations look stretched so investors seeking big gains in the world’s largest economy might do better buying smaller companies’ trusts.

Investment trusts beat open-ended rivals over 30 years

Investment trusts and closed-end funds have on average outperformed rival open-ended funds over 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 years, according to analysis commissioned by the Association of Investment Companies.

James Carthew: Latin volatility requires a long-term view

Political headwinds are gathering strength in Latin America once again although the performance of two investment trusts in the region suggests investors should ignore the short-term noise of its markets.

Trust Watch: Russia rout and Woodford revival

The big sell-off in Russian stocks was the big mover in markets this week, while a flurry of funds enjoyed a much-needed revival.

Ian Cowie: perilous politics linger over my portfolio

A review of my portfolio over the past year reveals the significant impact that politics has had on my investments. On the positive side, there are opportunities to add to my favourite trusts.