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Latest News - Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie: Chelsea deserves a cheer for embracing elite trusts

FundCalibre, the independent research arm of Chelsea Financial Services, is adding 11 investment trusts to its ‘Elite’ list of fund recommendations. This makes it more difficult for rivals to continue to ignore the value trusts can deliver.

Ian Cowie: the extraordinary efforts of the Phoenix investor

If you notice someone loitering in the loo at JD Wetherspoon or asking awkward questions at Tesco or Morrisons, they might be mystery shoppers from the fund manager trying to revive the country’s former worst investment trust.

Ian Cowie: British Empire – bad name but great global value

This 129-year old global trust may have done little to stir the patriotic ardour of profit-seeking investors of late but it does offer cheap access to a portfolio of fascinating businesses.

Ian Cowie: ‘skin in the game’ is a reassuring sight for sore eyes

Canaccord Genuity’s analysis of investment trust directors’ and managers’ shareholdings in their own pooled funds is informative for ordinary investors like me.

Ian Cowie: why I’m fishing for American tiddlers not whales

American blue-chip valuations look stretched so investors seeking big gains in the world’s largest economy might do better buying smaller companies’ trusts.

Ian Cowie: the winners and losers testing my patience

Our columnist continues his annual portfolio review to highlight investment trusts where recent performance begs questions in need of an answer.

Ian Cowie: perilous politics linger over my portfolio

A review of my portfolio over the past year reveals the significant impact that politics has had on my investments. On the positive side, there are opportunities to add to my favourite trusts.

Ian Cowie: this Smart Alec prefers tech trusts to Tesla

A fatal road accident in California and a slow-motion car crash for shareholders in Tesla show why investment trusts automatically provide a smoother and safer ride than individual trading companies can.

Ian Cowie: dividend ‘bribe’ won’t put me off my Latin trust

The proposal of BlackRock Latin American to hike dividends with payments from capital looks good, particularly as I’m hopeful the region will enjoy a ‘melt-up’ from US economic growth.

Ian Cowie: I’m selling Russia trust as hostilities mount

The war of words between Britain and Russia after the attempted murder of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter has led me to sell a long-standing holding in my ‘forever fund’.