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Latest News - Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie: don’t be biased, look overseas

Whatever happens to Brexit, investors should diversify beyond the UK.

Ian Cowie: investment trusts will stand the test of time

The enduring power of trusts like Henderson Smaller Companies provides the necessary inspiration to avoid being depressed by Brexit.

Ian Cowie: betting on the US has served me proud

The strength of this ageing US-led bull market is evident in way investors have shrugged off military brinkmanship between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Ian Cowie: my stock howler shows power of trusts

Our columnist berates his decision to sell his shares in Tesla, but the experience offers a useful reminder of the value of investment trusts.

Ian Cowie: patient capital review great news for trusts

The penny has dropped at the Treasury with the chancellor’s announcement that listed venture capital funds are a good way to finance new, growth companies.

Ian Cowie: student loan scandal shows power of trusts

Our columnist explains why one of his proudest achievements was persuading his son to open an investment trust savings scheme.

Ian Cowie: bargains are in short supply, but don't discount trusts

The 'best kept secret in the City' is out! Rising demand for investment trusts has pushed discounts on their shares to their lowest ever levels.

Ian Cowie: I’m happy for Asia to climb ‘wall of worry’

Twenty years have passed since the 1997 Asian crisis. While the region’s markets are rarely smooth, my investment trusts have done fantastically well and I’m holding on for more.

Ian Cowie: investment trusts are a shining example of good value

Fund managers are under pressure from regulators to offer better value to investors. Strange then the Financial Conduct Authority’s recent report did not say more about investment trusts which deliver that in spades.

Ian Cowie: will high divi payers ultimately disappoint?

The AIC's new information about how investment trusts fund dividends is a welcome addition for income-seekers and drawdown pensioners.